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The 'active apporach'- A Midsummer Night's Dream-'Whoosh'

In the banner photo, we can see a moment from the story telling activity called a 'whoosh'. The students are asked to be a random character (here two girls are asked to be Hermia and Lysander, blowing kisses at each other).

Josee Colley started out as an actress, and later trained as a teacher at Kingston University, Surrey with English and Drama as her major subjects. She worked in UK schools for 2 years as a class teacher.
After marrying a teacher, who was based in Hong Kong, she taught English to second language learners in Chinese primary schools. In 2013, she started a distance learning Master’s Degree in
'The Advanced Teaching of Shakespeare' at Warwick University, UK. This degree was co-engineered by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and Warwick University. From 2013, while doing her post graduate degree, she began to teach Shakespeare to her primary school students. In 2017, after completing her degree at Warwick, she founded Shakespeare Experts and began leading workshops in Chinese secondary schools as well.
She now teaches Shakespeare via Zoom until face to face teaching resumes.
Recently, Josee has joined
David Farmer's Drama Resource team. David , who is a teacher, author, and director, has been teaching teachers and children for many years. His website Drama Resource is popular with teachers from all over the world, who have done his online courses. A link for 'The Inspiring Drama Teacher Part 2' can be found on the 'contact us' page' of this website.


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Tableau of the Prologue to Romeo and Juliet

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Photos above show students engaged in an activity called 'push/pull', where they simulate being pushed or pulled, as if by magic. This is an activity related to The Tempest, in which the unseen spirit 'Ariel' plays with the characters.