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Please see the 'workshop options' page on this website for Shakespeare Experts teaching options.

is a challenging medium for instruction, but can be fun too. Especially when engaging students with simple drama activities and games to keep them focused.

Here is a course I recommend for drama - and language teachers. It's called: '
The Inspiring Drama Teacher'. Part 1, which contains helpful videos and links is completely free. Part two, however includes monthly Zoom meetings with David Farmer. In these sessions, we play games that are good for teaching drama face to face with social distancing and on Zoom. Playing the games yourself and with other teachers is a good way of gauging their effectiveness when playing them with your students.

David Farmer, who designed and runs the courses on Drama Resource, has many years of experience teaching teachers and children.

If you are interested to learn more and sign up for
The Inspiring Drama Teacher Part 2', here is the link:

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