Workshop choices

Plays, scenes, themes, zoom, prices

Zoom Workshop options:

During Covid-19 we have some online options:

  1. Online sessions and workshops, featuring a scene from a Shakespeare play (see play, scenes and theme options). Duration: 1-1.5 hrs
  2. Zoom coaching for Shakespeare monologues (Speech Festival) secondary and primary students. This training is advisably best done in a small group. Working in a group can be inspiring. Afterwards, students will be encouraged to choose their own way of performing the poem.
  3. Zoom coaching from small groups of students wanting to perform the same 'solo verse' for the Speech Festival
  4. Zoom training for presentations and competitions for groups of up to 20 students (can be 'converted' into face to face sessions later).
  5. Zoom coaching for Dramatic Duologue part of the Speech Festival (secondary students- max 3 pairs of students).
  6. Shakespeare English Drama club- weekly sessions (around 1.5 hours each) can be discussed. Training in acting and competitions
Shakespeare competitions in Hong Kong:

Spring competition: Heep Yunn school:

Autumn/ winter competition:

Workshop prices during Covid:

Zoom coaching:

  1. Individual Zoom coaching for Shakespeare Monologue or solo verse: HK$600 pp ph
  2. Zoom coaching for a small group of students (4-5 participants): HK$300 pp ph
  3. Zoom one hour workshop (max 20 participants) HK$150 pp ph.
  4. Price for school serial workshops: class price HK$ 1500 per class (up to 20 students for Zoom).

Prices and info may be adjusted when normal face-face instruction resume.

When face-face teaching resumes:

We will be strictly observing the Covid-19 rules of social distancing, having a reduced number of participant for each workshop as well as face mask wearing.

  • We will offer: in-school workshops. Length of workshops can be negotiated. Materials (such as lesson plans and digital displays of texts and photos) will be included in the price.
  • Face to Face workshop rices may be adjusted later.
Your choice of play:

Romeo and Juliet
. (R&J)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (AMSND)

Hamlet (H)

The Tempest (TT)

The Merchant of Venice (MoV)

Suggested scenes:

R & J: Act 1.1; Act 3.1; Act 3.5

AMSND: Act 1.1; Act 2.1; Act 2.2; Act 3.1-2; Act 5

H: Act 1.1&4; Act 3.1; Act 3.5; Act 5.1

TT: Act 1.1; Act 1.2; Act 2.2; Act 5.1

MoV: Act 1.3; Act 4.1


R&J: Love, conflict resolution, secrecy, friendship, responsibility truthfulness.

AMSND: Magic, love parental love and control.

H: friendship, murder, revenge, true love

TT: Magic, love, reconciliation.

MoV: prejudice, racism, love